Federico Laguzzi Biography

Born in Cuneo in 1983, after his early years on the island of Elba, he moved with his family between Siena and Florence, where he studied classical art at an important Florentine high school and later attended design courses at the Faculty of Architecture with honours.

Parallel to his classical studies, he began experimenting in the audio/visual field with new media and technology. Among his various projects, he began collaborating with the Giardino Sonorico in Florence, creating some site-specific installations for the city of Florence and Venice that combine botany, design and urbanism. His personal artistic research alternates with his work as Art Director and Graphic Designer, which led him to work, among others, in Oliviero Toscani’s studio and in other prestigious Italian communication agencies.

In addition to live performances with video installations in public and private spaces, he continues his research into colour and material, which he constantly researches with a continuous production over the years of works in various formats.

In 2012, he moved permanently to Germany, first to Cologne and later to Munich, working as Creative Director always in the digital field and appreciating the innovative spirit of German culture.

Industrialisation, the relationship between seriality and individuality, the liquidity of modern society and the role of art in this contemporaneity are among the elements that currently drive his research.


High School
Liceo Artistico Sperimentale "Leon Battista Alberti" Firenze
December, 1996
University of Florence - Faculty of Architecture - Product Design
August, 2007
Academic Exchange
University of Technolgy - Eindhoven
April, 2008
University of Projects - Communication & Design - Reggio Emilia
July, 2009

Exhibitions & Projects

Site Specific Installation
Loggia dei Lanzi Firenze
January, 2011
Live Video Performance
August, 2010
Site Specific Installation Sant´Erasmo Island
Periscope of Sound Venezia
June, 2009
Videominuto Festival Museo Pecci Prato
September, 2007

Information & requests

Federico Laguzzi

Ph. +49 17642453478

E-Mail: info@laguzzi-arts.com